How to create positivity around you?

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination!!!! 
Human beings need other humans to survive-this connection is in our DNA itself. An infant is born helplessly, entirely reliant on their caretakers. A loving secure relationship is a matter of life and death for the infant.
This attachment will grow stronger day by day if the relationship is positive or it might turn negative due to many circumstances. These days everyone can popularly hear of how the smartphone has replaced almost everything, right from alarm to relationships.

Do u think smartphones alone have succeeded to do so??????
Life is tough and challenging sometimes. We need people around us to guide us to overcome life’s unfair challenges.
When this guidance comes with a lot of positivity, we try to hold our relationships and celebrate the people around us. If these guidances were negatively delivered to us, we try to keep away from this negativity despite our needs. A smartphone is providing all the guidance we need in our life with no negativity, which was supposed to be provided by all these people in our lives.

What are we trying to extract from the smartphone?
I believe no one is trying to extract some extraordinary things. Some ideas, life hacks, recipes, friends….some kind of relationships 
some knowledge to survive and warmth which our society has somehow failed to deliver.

As a human what do we want?
Again some basic things like knowledge and skills to survive and warmth from the people surrounding us.

What went wrong and why the people around us have failed to deliver these things to us which a smartphone is delivering so easily?
The one-word answer for this is the negativity in people.

What makes people around us so negative?
People around us cannot be the same and equal to us all the time. Everyone has their ups and downs. Some people work hard and get the riches that others surrounding them could not afford for it and also the attitude showed during our ups in the wrong way and wrong place creates a frenzied environment resulting in negativity. There starts sibling fight, jealousy, a breakup in friendship and so on….same goes in all fields be it business, sports or politics. The root cause for all these negativity is one getting more than the other. I believe the universe has a hand in conspiring these things into human lives.

So how do we remove these negative things in our lives?
Like buddha, abandon family, friends and all our desires or embrace the smartphone which is giving so many comforts to us. Why can’t we have our loved ones with positivity which our smartphones have provided us?

Here are a few ways in which we can bring positivity into our lives despite all the situations and people being negative:

  1. Unfortunately, the negative energy which goes out will come back to us in the same form or maybe manifolds of it. Sometimes things don’t happen how we want and people around us may react in a very different way. During these times, keep away from negative things.
    So focus only on positive things even though there are not any. Don’t get involved in the negative talks (not only gossips even sharing negative thoughts). Both people and the situation will mend by itself.


2. Regular exercises, good sleep, good deed, good thought, laughter can always help in keeping negativity away from u.

3. Give priority to your health and hobbies.



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4. In the past as well as the present, there is a belief in positive home decors and accessories which has helped in shaping our lives by preventing and absorbing negativity. You can use laughing buddha, seven chakra stones, bamboo decors, Himalayan crystal lamps, jasper stone positivity bracelet or even simply getting a fresh flower to burning an incense stick will ward off negative energy. Ignore the negativity and keep shining!!!!

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