40x60 Monocular - iShopzee
40x60 Monocular - iShopzee
40x60 Monocular - iShopzee
40x60 Monocular - iShopzee
40x60 Monocular - iShopzee
40x60 Monocular - iShopzee

40x60 Monocular

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Want to get a clearer view of your favorite football game? Then this 40x60 monocular is a must-have!

The monocular is the necessary equipment when space is limited and the luggage must be light. Very popular with backpackers and archers

This monocular features BAK4 prisms and multi-layer broadband green film that make your view wider, clearer and brighter by giving a superior light transmission and brightness. The edge has the design of eliminating light stripe, which can reduce eye fatigue.


This 52mm object lens telescope is coated with HD optical green film, which provides you a clearer and brighter image for outdoor adventures. Perfect for hunting, bird watching, camping, ball games, horse racing, sightseeing, and concert.

Small buckle design makes the monocular telescope easy to carry. The rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable to use and keeps it from slipping out of your hand.

Expand the field of view and capture more of what is in your peripheral vision without distortion, get the whole family, team, buildings, and landscape.

And this removable clip-on camera lens can also be used as a standalone telescopic lens to help you view distant objects, sceneries, games, and concerts more clearly.

  • Hold the telescope tube in one hand and see a circular field of view. Move the objective lens to adjust the handwheel until you see a clear scene. The eyepiece's rotation can detail for more precise focus

  • This product can see 1.5 meters of objects, other telescopes can not reach the function



  • Material: plastic shell, FMC coating, BAK4 prism, all-optical glass
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 155mm
  • Eyepiece: 17mm
  • Objective: 40mm
  • Multiple: 40x60
  • Lens: All-optical glass
  • Antenna coating: FMC multi-layer green film
  • Prism system: BAK4
  • Line field of view: 1500m / 9500m
  • Large wide-angle: 60
  • Shipping takes 10 to 25 days