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Banana Pod - iShopzee
Banana Pod - iShopzee
Banana Pod - iShopzee
Banana Pod - iShopzee

Banana Pod

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How many times did you not manage to take a photo with that picturesque background because you had no tripod? Take the best shots with this amazing Banana Pod!

The Banana Pod is a flexible tripod that allows you to mount it anywhere with 360 degrees rotation.

Better than your regular tripods

- its high-quality metal and silicone allow you to bend it according to your preference and environment


360-degree rotation means you are able to secure the right angle with your device


Suitable for your smartphones, digital cameras, and GoPro, making this flexible banana pod an all-rounder because it can fit any devices!

Lightweight & portable

Making it convenient for you to bring it everywhere as it is not bulky

Suitable for any surfaces

Mount it literally anywhere you want - bike, handlebar, car headrest, table, tree

You will be surprised at how useful this Flexible Banana Pod is. It can also act as a stand for you to watch your favorite shows without having to hold on your phone.

  • Features a creative and fun design.
  • 360 degrees shooting perspective.
  • Solid mounting attachment built for any environment/weather.



  • Weight: 120g
  • Length: 42cm
  • High-quality metal and silicone
  • GoPro Hero series, other action cameras, and all smartphones.
  • Shipping takes 10 to 25 days.