GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee
GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee
GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee
GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee
GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee
GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee
GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker - iShopzee

GPS Kids Smartwatch and Tracker

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Real-time GPS dual location, tracking, and monitoring. You can live track your child's watch just like a Smartphone. It supports Two-Way Call, Activity Tracking, Voice Chat, Anti-Throw, Stopwatch, Remote Voice Monitor, Clock etc.

  • CREATIVE DESIGN: Designed for 3-14 years old children, with environmentally friendly silicone material strap, which is soft and comfortable and will not leave marks. lightweight and durable features. 100% brand new and high quality. OLED Display. 

  • TWO WAY COMMUNICATION SMARTWATCH: Children's watch is just like a mini smartphone, It supports two-way high-definition calling and makes it simple to communicate with your child.  You can talk to your child anytime, anywhere, to share the mood, caring about the situation, parent-child interaction everywhere. When in distress, your child can use this smartwatch to inform you!

  • SOS EMERGENCY FEATURES: Parents can set three numbers for an SOS emergency call. It will call 3 SOS phone numbers alternatively in two rounds until someone answers the call. Hold SOS key for 3 seconds in any mode. When in distress, your child can use his/her smartwatch fast dialing to inform you, thanks to an intuitive SOS feature. This is so important in an emergency situation.

  • ELECTRONIC FENCE: You can set up areas such as home, school, and parks, and the watch will alert you if your child leaves those perimeters.

  • Intelligent power saving: GPS Close mode, saving power

  • Washroom Through The Night: Children's health expert use, remote alarm clock

  • Use time: About 100 hours of usage before charging

  • Intercom: Make voice conversations between the watch and app

  • Contacts: Set up to 10 phone numbers that are allowed to call the watch

  • 1 * Kids SmartWatch (No SIM ) in Original Packaging + Instructions


To operate this watch, the SIM card should be 2G and compatible with 3G/4G.

How to use / Basic troubleshooting:

1. How to register and download the APP?
  • Scan the QR code on the last page of the manual, two options are available. (depends which option you choose)
2. How to set the Language and the difference between watch and APP?
  • For APP, choose at the login interface
  • For Watch, when you register and login successfully, set the language in the APP.
3. The watch cannot identify the SIM card, and there is no sound in the calling
  • Please ensure you are using 2G SIM. Watch our video of operation of inserting the SIM card. If it still doesn't work, please write to our support team.
  • In the calling, there is a prompt to set the sound lower or higher on the display
  • If there is no sound, please check to see if the watch cannot hear or the phone cannot hear.
4. How to inquire the parameter of the watch
  • Check there is a signal after inserting SIM card, use your phone to send a message to the tel number of watch, text:  pw,123456,ts#
  • If there is no response, please check your SIM card has message function and restart your watch to text again.
5. How to store contacts?
  •  Please turn on the contacts of your app, setting to store contacts to store and the watch will show the contacts.
6. What about the location, how many locations does it have? How to solve the problem of inaccurate positioning
  • There is two locations: (1) LBS and (2) GPS
  • The position is according to the signal and the range of the base station.
7. What kind of SIM card is suitable for the watch?
  • Micro SIM card
  • The SIM card should be 2G and compatible with 3G/4G
8. There is a SIM card, but the watch has no network and cannot connect with the phone
  • Please note the SIM card provider and message our support team
  • Please check the flow of the SIM card after insert
  • Please text pw,123456,ts#  to inquire the parameter of the watch
10. The watch cannot turn on, and after the power is finished, how long the watch stand-by?
  • If there is NO power, the watch will work. Charge it for 10 minutes, to see the charging indicator.
  • The Standby time when fully charged is 2 to 3 days